Meet the team

Donna Young

DONNA YOUNG is the founder of North Manchester Fitness. An all-inclusive fitness group for all abilities and all ages was Donna’s dream. Donna started the group in 2011 with a few family members. They all brought a few friends and the group began to grow. NMF now has over 250 members and holds fitness sessions on every day of the week. Donna is a run leader who trained as a coach in running fitness with England Athletics and is also a Hiitstep instructor. Even though her sessions are fast and furious she encourages everyone to work at their own level. Donna has competed in many marathons and is a natural athlete. She will bring out the best in you.

Margaret Dolan

MARGARET DOLAN is a run leader and a coach in running fitness who trained with England Athletics. She is also a qualified Zumba instructor and was nominated for Manchester Sports Council’s Sports and Volunteer of the year in 2016. Margaret currently leads a walking group even though she is an accomplished runner herself. She encourages her group to work towards walking 5k in 50 minutes. She regularly takes part in the Manchester 10k and the Race for Life. Margaret is one of our fundraisers and a great organiser. She is the secretary of the Group.

Lorraine Platt

LORRAINE PLATT trained with England Athletics as a run leader and a coach in running fitness and is the holder of the Community Coach of the Year Bronze Award 2017. Lorraine is the treasurer of the Group. She regularly competes in the Manchester 10k and the Race for Life events. Lorraine currently leads our Pilates and gentle exercise sessions. She is also a qualified Zumba instructor. Lorraine can help you reach your fitness goal. Pilates sessions specialise in improving mobility, balance and core strength and is recommended by physiotherapists as a way back to full or improved fitness. Over 50s welcome. Seated or standing exercises to your own ability. Have fun and make new friends.

Diana Lang

DIANA LANG is a run leader who trained with England Athletics. She often works with individuals on a one-to-one basis, within the group sessions, helping them with posture, form and positioning. She doesn’t make a fuss but she notices when anyone needs a bit of help or encouragement and in her quiet, unobtrusive way she is an enormous help to the session coach. She has endless patience. Diana regularly competes in 10k and 5k events in and outside of Manchester. Her experience as an all-round athlete is invaluable.

Tommy Brown

TOMMY BROWN has been a member of NMF for over 5 years and is the vice-chairman of the Group.  He trained as a Run leader 3 years ago and he considers himself honoured and privileged to be part of a great team of leaders.  Tommy took up running to improve his general well-being and to improve his own fitness levels.  He was awarded the Changing Lifestyle Award in 2017 by Manchester Sports Forum. He has grown into a consistent runner.  He enjoys helping other runners achieve their goals and improve their fitness, whatever their ability.  Tommy thinks that the great thing about NMF is that ‘nobody is ever left out in the cold’.  He loves the way that everyone supports and shows great respect to each and every member.  Tommy enjoys the social side of NMF and is also very involved with all the events taking place throughout the year.

Emma Young

EMMA YOUNG qualified as a run leader with England Athletics. Emma is a busy young mum who loves her fitness and is a very accomplished runner. She is a regular marathon runner and supports all the NMF events. Each year the Group have a fitness weekend away. All the members are invited to join the weekend and the fitness sessions are tailored to suit all abilities. Emma can usually be found at 7am warming-up with a group of our ‘elite’ runners going for an early-morning run before breakfast. She’s fast and she’s a record breaker but most of all she’s a team player. She loves North Manchester Fitness and is a great role model.

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